SteppingStone Day School, INC.


SteppingStone Day School is a private not-for-profit 
preschool program for children with and without special needs.
Our mission is to provide collaborative evaluation, education, therapy and family support services so that young children can develop to their full potential and join with their families and friends as members of the community. Mission
Philosophy SteppingStone Day School’s philosophy is based on the belief that all children are unique and entitled to an education in a safe, nurturing and enriched environment, with paramount emphasis on individualization and educational best practices. The teaching philosophy of SteppingStone Day School exemplifies the understanding that play in its myriad of forms. provides the building blocks for learning. The goal is to facilitate the innate inquisitiveness of the young child. which propels him/her to explore materials, deduce information, test theories and acquire expanding knowledge.
From three to five years of age: Children are nurtured and development is fostered. Care is given at every level to ensure that children receive the supports required for establishing a strong sense of safety and child-friendliness. Acknowledgment of and tolerance for diversity are promoted and a love of learning is cultivated.