SteppingStone Day School, INC.
Families as Partners SteppingStone Day School welcomes families as vital 
partners in their children's education.
 SteppingStone Day School is committed to meeting the needs of the families, 
so they in turn can help their children reach his/her full potential.
 SteppingStone Day School’s Family Services Department helps parents best 
utilize personal and community resources that make parenting 
more effective and enhance family life.
 SteppingStone Day School’s Family Service Department offers to the parents concrete services, evening meetings, crisis intervention and short term family counseling in order to assist the families in their times of need.
 SteppingStone Day School supports and guides the parents through the CPSE Process and the CSE Process as the child is transitions into Kindergarten.
 SteppingStone Day School provides for Monthly Parent Participation Opportunities
 SteppingStone Day School parents have multiple opportunities to meet 
with their child’s team members both individually and in a group.