SteppingStone Day School, INC.
Services we offer: Core services provided include multi-disciplinary evaluations provided by an experienced and highly qualified staff; Educational services within a variety of classroom/ratio options; Physical, Occupational, Speech/Language and Feeding Therapies; Counseling; Family Services provided by social workers and school psychologists. Experience has taught us much with regard to striking a balance between best practices for early childhood education and effective early intervention strategies. Our staff strives to ensure the structure and support necessary for the successful participation of children with special needs while also fostering the child-directed, motivating and creative atmosphere requires for children of all abilities to thrive.
The classroom environment and daily routines provide naturally occurring as well as built-in opportunities for: exposure to early literacy and mathematical concepts, critical thinking skills, creative expression, and motor development.
Enriched and well-designed centers with diverse resources invite children to explore their interests. Materials and equipment are child friendly and adapted when necessary to allow for universal access.
 Collaboration is at the core of service delivery at SteppingStone Day School.
 Each child in the school has a team comprised of the child's teacher, teacher assistants, therapists,psychologist and a social worker who is designated as the team leader. Team meetings are held on a bi-weekly basis to discuss general business and any issues related to the children. Each student's strengths and challenges are addressed and child specific strategies are devised aimed at elevating the developmental capacities of each student. The team leader coordinates the work of the team by including the parent, thereby assuring good communication between the school and the family. The team helps the family in the CPSE and CSE process when their child, at age 5, transitions to the New York City Department of Education.
Learning is an active, process oriented experience, facilitated by experienced adults who understand the nuances of early childhood. Active learning occurs throughout the day in an environment that supports child initiative and curiosity. Common Core Standards are embedded in Curriculum Activities that are planned to facilitate development across all learning domains.